What can be washed in a dishwasher?

Recommended dishwashing guidelines for items come from the manufacturer. If in doubt, check if it is labeled "dishwasher-safe".

Dishware & Porcelain

  • Most everyday dishware is dishwasher-safe.
  • Antique, hand-painted, or metal decorated china should be washed by hand.


  • Wash lead crystal by hand unless labeled “dishwasher-safe”.

Cutlery & Silverware

  • Rinse off acidic foods like salad dressing or ketchup and mustard as direct and prolonged contact can tarnish your cutlery.
  • Wash items containing wood by hand.
  • Generally, it’s not a problem to clean silverware in the dishwasher, except in combination with food containing sulfur (e.g. egg, mayonnaise, mustard etc.) in order to prevent the formation of silver sulfide during the cleaning program. Direct contact with other metal parts should be avoided (i.e. sterling must be separated from stainless cutlery).


  • Only use dishwasher-safe plastics in a dishwasher.


  • Stainless steel pans are excellent for automatic dishwashing but aluminum parts may discolor.
  • Cast iron items and pots and pans with wooden handles should be washed by hand.

Wooden Items

  • Items made of wood or containing wood (e.g. cutting boards, cutlery with wooden grips) are not suitable for cleaning in dishwashers. The wood can swell and crack. 
  • In addition, some wooden items are glued on and the conditions inside the dishwasher can cause the glue to dissolve.
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