How to load a dishwasher

How you load your dishwasher can affect how clean your dishes get. Follow these guidelines below to get the most out of your dishwasher:


  • Load and sort dishes according to manufacturer instructions, allowing water to circulate and reach all items.
  • Place larger items on the bottom rack, with cups, glasses and less-soiled items on the top rack.
  • Avoid over-filling to prevent your tableware from being scratched or chipped.
  • For safety reasons, sharp knives should always point down. 
  • Dishwasher loading depends on the type of cutlery basket you have in your machine. If it only has small openings, utensils should be faced up. If your basket has large sections, place some up and some down to avoid nesting.
  • Dishwasher loading includes positioning utensils with soiled parts facing up. 
  • Ensure long-handled utensils don’t obstruct the sprayer arms.



  • When you open the door to your dishwasher, on the inside of the door you will find a dispensing compartment. This is where you put your Finish® detergent before each wash. Then, close the door. The detergent chamber opens automatically during the main wash to release the detergent.
  • Beside the dispenser compartment there is the opening for the rinse aid, which must be opened to fill the reservoir. Before the first wash, fill this completely with rinse aid. Depending on the machine type, you will find that either the rinse agent LED on the control panel at the front of the machine will go out, or the visual inspection window next to the rinse aid fill opening will show when you need to add rinse aid. The rinse aid helps to deliver streak-free drying. Your dishwasher dispenses the rinse aid automatically during the rinse cycle. Depending on the rinse aid settings different amounts of rinse aid are dosed. Adjust the rinse aid setting according to your preferences of the drying result.
  • You should refill the rinse aid regularly (roughly every 4 weeks), and certainly if the rinse agent indicator referred to earlier is showing that it needs refilling. Finish® Jet Dry® is suitable for all makes of machine and delivers optimal results. 
How to Load a Dishwasher